about charity vino

The mission of Charity Vino is to assist nonprofits and other charitable endeavors in raising money to support their causes.   

We do this by selling wine and other items that are branded specifically to your organization and provide several tools to make you successful. 

We will create a landing page on the Charity Vino website with your logo and additional information about your organization where donors, family and friends can support your causes. 

We will create individually designed labels branded to your organization for products such as wine, candles, and others. 

We will provide flexible payment and volume options that will best fit your organization.   

At the end of the day, we want to help you raise awareness of your cause and generate funds to support it.

Charity Vino works with organizations big and small.  We have experience working with both large national organizations and small local groups.  We work with several types of organizations including animal rescues, national crime institutions bringing attention to unsolved cold case files, church and school fundraising programs, as well as several nonprofit charities Galas. 

To find out how Charity Vino can partner with your organization, please email Bob@aspenlanewinecompany.com.


Charity Vino is a product and service of Aspen Lane Winery, Aurora, Illinois.